Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy mom and baby photos - the pictures not shown

This happy mom enjoys breastfeeding and to smile for me

I have a few days where I go around taking happy breastfeeding pictures and tell myself I will make posters one day. But really I do this to make myself feel better.

My camera is full of pictures of very think and sick babies. I tell myself I take these photos because one day I will show them to a doctor and they will help me with diagnosis and treatment. I have so many though and I wonder at my desire to capture the pain and suffering of babies in pictures. Perhaps I take them to make it real; so that I don't think I am living in a nightmare. Mo

Most always malnutrition goes hand in hand with skin diseases. I study them on the internet but then they all look mingled together on a tiny or swollen body and I end up using my best thinking at the time ( as well as whatever soap I have at the time.) And taking their pictures for a future time.

I can not or do not post these photos; instead I send out into the web universe the most beautiful picture of breastfeeding I have. If I trick you, will you believe this is true of all mothers and babies in Haiti or have I failed to convince you, even as I fail to convince myself.

Remember Peter Pan when we were all suppose to say " I believe" and Tink would live. Perhaps it is like that. I think if you see this photo it will be like magic - everyone will believe the babies are fine and then it will be true. Perhaps I believe if the world sees this photo and not the others that there will be jobs and farms and manufacturing and Hatien rice and all the children in schools.

And so here is my photo- truth or deception or some of both.

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