Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A library at Madame Clauden's House

I am happy to share that the front room of The Gardener ( Madame Clauden's) house is emerging as a small community reading room. It is a sweet house with old fruit trees, a garden and many flowers. Now, thanks to the work of so many, it also has a shelf of books in English, French and Creole. Life is still not secure for this wonderful family but it is my hope that this small library will bring them stability and much joy.

I know that good health goes hand in hand with education and literacy. I hope that these few books will offer comfort, inspiration and knowledge to the people in the community. I have forever been grateful for the book mobile that brought books to my rural community. I looked forward to the many hours of reading it would offer me and now as, an adult, books continue to be wise and good friends to me.

Everyone who comes to Haiti, is touched by the beauty, dignity and warmth of this family. I have seen them in such hard times and am watching them emerge as the joyful, close family they always were. Because of all the daughters they remind me of the book, Little Women. They sew, cook, go to school, garden and welcome many visitors to their home.

I am hoping this small library will be a natural extension of the warmth and wisdom they have offered me while here in Haiti.

And I am hoping, if you ever come to Haiti, that you too will wonder up their garden path and enjoy a book admist the hibiscus and papaya.

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  1. ... and more things are coming when Angela, Jenny and I, along with two others arrive. I are looking to bring books in French and English, posters, globes, and other supplies. I am so looking forward to walking down the garden path and meeting them! As well as enabling the Days for Girls sewing project!