Friday, May 9, 2014

"My Mom has died. " Melove in Haiti

In loving memory of Melove's grandmother who loved her family and cared for them though many joys and hard times.  In this photo she is making castor oil from the beans Melove picked.  She sold them in front of the house she shared with Melove and her children.  She had polio as a child and could not walk. I did not know  she had diabetes which led to the amputation of her feet at Justinian.  Despite this drastic measure, she died this week, leaving an empty place on the road to Bois-Camain.  She always welcomed me and any other guests, pulling up a chair for us to sit on.  She was a Seventh Day Adventist and loved her church.  Despite the rocky road, someone would push her to church each Saturday for services.   A warm and welcoming person, I will miss her when I again walk that way and I am so sorry for Me love and her children who depended on her kindness and love for their very survival.  Brave, courageous and gracious, we celebrate the courage and faith in which she lived her life.   She lived through many political changes, natural disasters and personal tragedies.   May the beauty of Haiti wrap he rin their arms and offer peace and comfort.  

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