Saturday, February 7, 2015

She Who Watches

High above the Columbia River is Tsagaglalal  or  She Who Watches.   She was carved and painted a long, long time ago by the first people of the Columbia River. It is said that Coyote turned  the chief into She Who watches so she could always watch after her people, even when things changed.  

Sometimes, when I think of being a midwife I think of her.  I think of what it means to wait and watch and the power of that stillness.  I think of her quiet strength over a long stretch of time.   I am sure she has meant many things to many people but to me she has felt to be  the Midwife of Oregon - that image of waiting and watching as people come and people go; of welcome and acceptance.  Of looking at the world with wisdom that comes with time and age and perspective.  

I will tell the truth.  Sometimes when I am  at a birth and I want to do something - anything to make it go faster, I think of She Who Watches, and I sit back and wait.  

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