Saturday, December 17, 2016

Premature Birth Link to Air Pollution

Air pollution is often related to fossil fuels.
In my town, city council and city planners allow large double diesel trucks to drive through a small town rather than use the designated highways.  They also pick up all of  Oregon's gasoline and drive it to local gas stations.  This is  the same place as 16 superfund sites and a large tank farm.  Ah yes, there is no real system of maternal health in this small town either.  Its also miles form the nearest hospital and ah yes - the schools are not high performing.

And yes, if we raise the rents perhaps all of this will improve because the new wealthier homeowners won't put up with it.

Where is the 'baby sacrifice zone" in your community?
How will Donald Trump's choices for his cabinet protect babies in the next four years from prematurity related to air

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