Thursday, November 24, 2011

Days for Girls - Menstrual pads for Postpartum Women

We are having lots of fun with the sewing projects at MBH. The pedal machine hums along and we enjoy helping mothers put on their new baby slings.

Another helpful sewing project is Days for Girls which provides flannel menstrual pads to women the world over. We have been lucky to have kits to give out to all our moms but we will soon be out. This is a great project for a group looking for a project or someone could send us flannel and a donation and we could pay women to sew them here. I believe on the web site it lists supportive fabric stores. If you are interested in making cloth pads, donating fabric or helping to pay a woman here.

After a birth, the women are ready to put an old rag between their legs and then we offer them a beautiful bag filled with soft, cotton mentrual pads and new underwear. After a bucket shower, they slip on these beautiful clean pads and snuggle down to nurse their babies. It feels very special; like after all their hard work they have this one new, clean speical thing all for them.

Please let any service group know about this oportunity. The kits or fabric can be easily sent through IBC Travel.

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  1. I braved Joann Fabrics this morning (Black Friday) and bought a bunch of fleece to bring with me. Three and a half hours in the store!