Sunday, November 20, 2011

More on the sewing machine and baby slings

One thing that struck me when coming to Haiti, was that the mothers did not carry their babies in any form of sling or wrap or back pack. They came to see us carrying their babies flat in their arms with great difficulty. I asked many people why no one carried their babies with fabric and no one knew why. I also noticed all the problems with breastfeeding, respiratory problems and dust pollution.

Many of these things led to serious health problems for the babies and help to account for the high under five death rate.

I also noticed the many mothers who had no food and needed small ways to earn money.

In this way, I decided to help mothers with no income, make baby slings to give to our new mothers. I am very excited to try this out this week and see how the mother's enjoy using them. It was thrilling to watch the women using the pedal sewing machine and to meet a woman who is willing to embroider our slings.

I am hoping that the pedal sewing machine can lead to other sewing ventures such as cloth diapers and cloth sanitary pads and that, in this small way, we can help mothers to feed their children.

I love this brand new Singer, pedal sewing machine as well as the hope that it has given women in our community.


  1. That is genius and perfect in its simplicity. I'd love to know how you got the machine. Do you need fabric or is it easy to buy in Haiti?
    I just bought my husband a winter coat from Costco and noticed that it was made in Haiti. It got me thinking along the same lines just a couple of days ago.

  2. This is so wonderful! Peddle sewing machines are such an ingeniously simple technology - like bicycles! DO you need fabric or would it be better to use recycled fabric? I just saw some great ideas about how to reuse t-shirts into various products. Perhaps baby slings, reusable diapers, bags etc.

    What is the best way to help grow this venture? Love, Suzy

  3. Hi Sarah!
    Can you export and sell product out of Haiti? It would be lovely to create industry there. Slings would be so awesome, especially since most are made in China with a $30.+ price tag.
    Amazing work that you are doing!

  4. oh very good changes you have made thats really nice. But it is not that if some one is carrying their baby in her hand she will hurt by that. its actually not happening. One can't understand the mother's love. She loves her baby more than her life. Baby Slings