Sunday, November 13, 2011

We buy chickens at the market

Yesterday, on the way home from picking up a new midwife from the airport, we bought two new chickens and a rooster with hopes that they will start laying eggs. They are Hatien chickens and are very pretty and small. They handed me all three tied by their feet upside down. They rode in the back of the car as quiet as can be and are now happily digging in the garden.

We also bought two big white Domincan chickens who soon became Sunday's dinner.

Santo bargained hard with the woman selling the
chickens and we all laughed a great deal. There were also turkeys, so perhaps we will go back again and get one for Thanksgiving. It made me wonder how my chickens are doing in Portland. Anyone who knows me, knows that I always like to have some friendly chickens close by to watch and make friends with.

It was a Sunday of many births. I have always loved a Sunday morning birth followed by a good breakfast which is just what happened this morning.


  1. Nice to see your smiling face, Sarah. I hope you like the volunteers I'm sending your way!

    xoxo Susan