Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Gardner Is Madame Clauden

Life has changed for the "Gardener" and her daughter and actually her whole family. Now we all call her Madame Clauden; a name she carries with dignity and grace. Yesterday it was raining and we both incidently wore bandannas on our heads- hers was red and mine was blue. People said we were twins. She laughed and I was pleased to be the twin of such a fine woman.

We have worked to move her and ll her children into a half completed cement house down the road. It was a great day when we collected her belongings from the one room she was staying in withe her daughter and baby and moved her down the road. It was quite an event and soon her other children were gathered up and they were all safely together again, sleeping on the floor by candle light and celebrating.

My idea is to make it a Hatien guest house and people can stay with her as a home stay to help support the project. She would cook and help the guests to learn Creole and experience Hatien culture. This is common in other countries and so perhaps Haiti. It is a sweet house with nice porches and a lovely garden. The guest room is large with its own door and bathroom ( nice and modern but operates via pump water ) Perhaps one day you will know someone who wishes ot stay in a guest house in Haiti. They would walk down our simple dirt road and be greeted warmly by animals and people and mostly sunny days.

Madam Clauden has also been taught the art of chair massage and offers massages to volunteers which I believe is paying for her and her family's food. All the children are in school except the daughter with the baby.

The baby is chubby from breast milk and so although there are many challenges still facing them, it is a bit brighter and I wanted to share this good story.

I would send a photo of them in front of the new house but it is not always possible.


Jason's goat has had two tiny baby goats that are much loved here at MBH.

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