Sunday, February 26, 2012

I talk about breastfeeding at local churches.

This morning I was invited to speak in several local churches about breastfeeding. I had the idea that if the ministers talked about how perfect breast milk was for Haiti's babies that they would reach many women and make a difference. I was surprised that they decided that I would be the best person to deliver the message.

I felt I was too busy with births Sunday morning to go, but Yotar ( a translator and minister ) insisted and soon we were driving down small dirt roads and into little villages to share this message. Melove came along as she, of course, knew where all the churches were.

The churches were in small lots, crowded corners and open fields. I watched as people gathered, sang, prayed and greeted us. I loved how the churches were all decorated with cut out decorations and streamers, They were cut from colorful pieces of shelf paper and were so intricately cut and lovingly hung. I was nervous to stand in front of everyone but with Yotar's urging and the knowledge that breastmilk can save so many lives, I stood up and shared with them that only a God, so loving and so intelligent, could have made such a perfect food for their babies and that only a loving God would have made sure that it was free and available to even the poorest baby in the world. And I thanked them for being a guest in their beautiful country and getting to hold their sweet babies.

I looked out and saw Melove standing outside listening. She does not have church clothes so she could not come in but she heard and was I think, happy to have helped.

I agreed that I would continue to visit the local churches for all the Sunday's I am here in Haiti and in that small way to empower mothers and their families to see the many ways they can help their own children to be healthy.

I am also planning a medical conference on lactation on March 17th. It seems like a bit of a risk but I am going to give these two things a try.

Thank you to Yotar for setting this up for me and not letting me be too busy to go.


  1. and to Melove for her caring support. She knew where all the churches were but could not enter for lack of proper clothing?!

  2. What a beautiful story, Sarah! So glad to hear you are doing this! Thank you. Jennifer Gallardo