Friday, February 24, 2012

A mother dog gives birth to a pig!

On a lazy afternoon after a busy clinic day and a late lunch, a few of us were sitting and talking when Mylove rushes in and tells us that a dog has given birth to four puppies and a pig. She has run all the way over from the house where they were born to tell us.

Given that it is picture perfect Haiti afternoon of sunshine and breezes, we all agree to follow her. She leads us down dirt roads and grass paths lined with walls covered with bright purple flowers to a clearing where many people have gathered. We can see that this is an event of considerable importance by the size of the crowd.

They announce that no one else can see them but Mylove shoves her way to the front of the crowd and makes sure we get in. We peer into a closet at four little black puppies and one little pig who is the exact same size and coloring. Only he has hoofs and a curly tail. There is no sign of a mother dog anywhere but there are many old shoes thrown in for them to chew on when they get teeth.

Many photos are taken to document this remarkable birth. Then we head back down the grassy path all covered with purple and orange flowers, down to the dirt road and back home where supper is waiting.

It is truly an amazing event and we are all appreciative that Mylove came all that way to make sure we got to see it. We leave her on the road where we are sure that if there is anymore exciting things happening, she will be the first to know and that she will be sure to let us know as well.

And that's how we passed a beautiful afternoon at MamaBaby Haiti.

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