Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie night with the orpahanage and village children

It was Friday night at the movies with popcorn popped on a charcoal fire and a film about lions on a computer as there was no electricity and the battery back up was too weak for the projector. Still we played jump rope games and then they all sat on the floor and ate popcorn by the bowl full and watched the animals of Africa on the screen with wonder. All the people who work here watched too and it was this moment of peaceful joy and community. The head of the orphanage asked if they ate the lions. It is my hope to teach geography in some small ways through these movie nights. We ended with a fine time of singing. As the sun set golden and pink, they walked back down the road amongst the goats finding a place to sleep for the night on small ledges and crevices of concrete. We waved good bye and promised to do it again soon.

As they walked out one door, a woman in labor came in the other. I put on my head lamp and sat beside her and set out to discover how she was doing and how soon the birth might be. Early labor so I set out to sleep beneath an almost full moon on the porch and slept the whole night and so did she.

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