Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spahgetti in the cord clamps !

After a busy day of births, I hurry to sterilize the instruments and a new cord clamp. We only have three sets so I have to set my mind to it first thing after a birth. I wash them and then look for a source of heat - charcoal, propane or electric depending on the day. The other morning I set them to boiling and imagine my surprise when I came down and the breakfast spaghetti was in with the scissors and clamps. I fished the instruments out and wrapped them up, determining it was still boiling water so it is okay.

However, I did not eat the spaghetti served that morning for breakfast !


  1. That one had a surprise ending ! Currently waiting for Sam to come out of surgery. Must tell the nurses that story!

  2. I am loving your writing, Sarah. I spent a week at the clinic in January and plan to come back for two weeks again in January. I can picture everything you write about. Thank you for your loving way of treating the mamas and babies.

  3. Oh dear! Still waiting on baby here--I'm glad to think about the fact that I will be lucky enough to have sterile non-spaghetti clamps when he does come, though. :)