Saturday, September 17, 2011

Santo's graduation

Yesterday Santo, who is the much loved translator here, graduated from a health outreach program put on by the United Nations for him and about 20 other health workers in north Haiti. It was a six month class to help with issues of public health. Santo, amongst other things, will run a family planning clinic here one morning a week and do immunizations.

It was in Cap Hatien at a Hatien fancy venue with lots of US elevator music and pomp and ceremony; a part of Haiti I had never seen. Many people from NGO"s with the person their organization sponsored. Networking is awkward but I am desperate for resources and information. They made up their own version of We Are The World - about their work in Haiti which was moving after hearing others sing for and about Haiti in the United States.

There was piles of food, caps and gowns, speeches and picture taking and supplies from UNICEF to take home. Even electricity the whole time!

It was a moment of hope and pride as we all happily made our way home over bumpy roads; the car packed with people and chatter. I noticed keresone lanterns lighting small groups of people who gathered with friends in the cool evening air; small fires cooking the nights meal and children playing there beside them.

I am most often on call at the clinic and so it was a much appreciated outing. We came home and put on head lanterns and told good stories of the day before each found their place to sleep which changes with the weather.

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