Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morning walks

The mornings are soft and beautiful with the sun rising over the mountains as I wake on the sleeping porch. The women come very early to line up for the clinic; laughing and talking for many hours before they can be seen. They begin to arrive at 5:00 am and the clinic does not begin until 9:00 am. I walk out into the road and greet them and then go for a short walk practicing my creole; passing farmers with their cows and goats and the women who are going to and from the market. I try to begin to try to understand the plants and the families and the traditional uses. A local midwife ( madrone ) has come to stay and is wise in the use of plants so I ask her many questions and am taking rootings in old vitamin containers and hope to soon plant a small medicinal garden. By afternoon I will be hot and tired from seeing so many patients so I value the time of my little walks and the many things it teaches me.

Papaya leaves for a vaginal infection and almond leaf tea for high blood pressure.

Yesterday I delivered two babies - two fine little boys

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