Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not yet born

Yesterday a laboring woman was brought to us. I walked into the birth room and saw that the cord was hanging from her and the baby had not yet been born. She had walked here this way. I tried to save the baby but deep inside I knew it was too late and that the baby had died some time ago. The cord was not beating and was cold in my desperate hands. I tried to tell everyone what to do but they didn't understand a word I was saying and really it didn't matter.

Later I just laid down on the floor and watched the storm come in and could not do anything at all but watch the sky and surround myself with quiet.

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  1. Our hearts goes out to the mother, to all mothers, to mothers who live and died without medical help so readily available in other countries, and to all of you at the Birth Center, who are trying to hard to make a difference!