Monday, September 12, 2011

Unexpected twins !

A mother arrived yesterday with one baby on her chest still connected to the cord and another one on the way. She was having her baby at home with a local TBA and when they realized it was twins and decided to carry her into us. So much to consider so fast in such a little amount of time. I cut the first baby's cord and gave her to Zeenia, the naturopathic doctor who has been here and is soon to leave. Listen to the second baby's heartbeat. Great. Head down. Great again. No contractions. The mom asks if she can get onto the floor and stands up and the second baby swooshes out and I have to scoop him up off the floor; all wet and crying. The two placentas lingered and the thoughts that there is no ambulance and she is bleeding filling my head but all went well with prayer and pitocin and in time, mom and the twins were tucked into bed and the family was washing the sheets out back. I was thankful that it was still light out and we did not have to do this by lantern and thankful that they were all well and healthy and everyone worked together. I went upstairs and took a much appreciated bucket shower and laid down outside with much gratitude.

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  1. Ah, yes, I remember perhaps your last surprise twins, Sarah - with me! Glad to hear the babies were OK.